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  • 7 Oct 2020 8:25 AM | Sylvia (Administrator)

    The Douglas Shire Ratepayers Association is hosting a "Meet the Candidates" event at Palmer's Golf Course on Sat 24th Oct,  2pm.   You will have the opportunity to get to know the candidates for Cook in the up coming State election in a relaxed environment.    After a brief introduction from each candidate, attendees can ask questions of the candidates to help you make your decision on election day.   We suggest you book a table and come early for lunch.   We look forward to seeing you there!

  • 23 Sep 2020 1:30 PM | Sylvia (Administrator)

    The Douglas Shire Council has implemented a comprehensive and genuine community consultation plan.   Refreshing to see.  The Daintree River Crossing Options Assessment  Report  provides an easy to read and balanced analysis,  click here to read the report .   Now is the time when  ALL ratepayers  can have a say, by completing the short survey on the DSC website (click here ).   The survey closes on the 26th October,  don’t miss out.   You can also register to attend one of the community consultation events (click here ), places are limited so get in early.    The decision made by Council will directly  impact ratepayers financially, have your say!

  • 23 Sep 2020 1:17 PM | Sylvia (Administrator)

    The Council’s Peter Tonkes (Manager Water & Waste Water) met with the Douglas Shire Landscape Industry Group recently and presented a comprehensive Water Conservation & Demand Management Report.   The DSRA were represented by Committee members John Sullivan and Russell Joshua who were encouraged by the Council’s  plans  to secure and manage water resources for the Shire with a proposed 1 GL increase in water storage during the dry season.    Now is the time for Council to lobby Federal Government for Drought Water Security Funding and tap into the considerable underspend in grant funding available for this purpose.   For a copy of the report click here  Water Conservation Demand Management Report.pdf   

  • 23 Sep 2020 1:13 PM | Sylvia (Administrator)

    At the September meeting the Committee welcomed two new Committee members Russell Joshua and Terry Maloney both bring valued experience and knowledge to the Committee.

    A DSRA member addressed the committee meeting seeking support from the DSRA to lobby Council  to provide rate relief for those on JobKeeper not only those on CentreLink payments.  The Committee agreed to contact Council on this matter.  The push for the Shire to become RV Friendly  was discussed and Committee member Terry Maloney reported that negotiations are progressing with Caravan & Motorhome Club of Australia Board members visiting the Shire and having positive meetings with Council.   The “right to vote” campaign continues with contact made with State & Federal politicians to draw attention to the issue in this Shire.  An update on the General Rate Review was provided.  Council have not made much progress to-date.  A review of Land Valuations is long overdue  (not done for over 4yrs) and DSRA are seeking assurance that this will be conducted this financial year.   DSRA continues to lobby council on amendments to the Concealed Leak Policy and Water Customer Service Standards.    The Committee moved to accept  DSC CEO Mark Stoermer’s  offer to attend DSRA Committee meetings, seen as a positive step forward to improve engagement with Council.   If you would like  further details on any of the matters raised in the meeting, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email (

  • 21 Jul 2020 1:57 PM | Sylvia (Administrator)

    At the July meeting the Committee discussed concerns regarding the shortfalls in the new DSC Concealed Leak Policy and the lack of consultation by council particularly as the DSRA had asked to be involved as this policy directly effects ratepayers.   It was agreed DSRA would continue to lobby for changes to the policy in step with other comparable Council policies.
    The President reported that Councillors and the Mayor were approached for a meeting to open direct lines of communication.   All except Councillor Roy Zammataro responded.   Productive meetings  were  held with Michael Kerr, Lisa Scomazzon and Peter McKeown.   Abigail Noli gave an undertaking to meet at a later date (still to be confirmed).
    The “right to vote” Campaign continues with a campaign strategy being developed by the Sub-committee in association with the QLGRA.
    The DSRA was approached by Douglas Shire stall holders from the Port Douglas markets seeking our support to assist them in having the rule to only allow alternate weekends for Douglas Shire businesses over turned.   DSRA strongly lobbied Council and the ruling has now been changed. No response has been received from council to the request for effected stall holders to receive compensation in the form of 4 weeks waiver of fees for lost income.
    A review of General Rates is now in the Operational Plan.  A meeting  was scheduled with Council to discuss key areas of concern in the current system and the consultation process moving forward.
    The date for the AGM will be set at the next meeting pending Covid 19 restrictions.
    If you would like any further information on any of the matters raised at the meeting please contact us via our email (

  • 15 Jul 2020 12:17 PM | Sylvia (Administrator)

    Council is responsible for water & waste water management and is required under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008 to develop customer service standards to protect customers.   The Council  is seeking feedback on the Douglas Shire Council’s proposed Water & Waste Water Management Service Standards for 2020 to 2025.   Have your say on this important document.  Do these standards meet your expectations?  i.e. water quality standards, response times, infrastructure management.   How do these standards stack up against other comparable Councils?  Don’t miss out on having your say on the standard of service you receive.  The DSRA will be compiling a detailed  response to Council on the proposed standards.  Let us know what you think by sending an email to or   For a copy of the Standards go to the link below.

  • 14 Jul 2020 2:33 PM | Sylvia (Administrator)

    Tenacious Douglas Shire residents and DSRA members Chris Beckwith and  Karen Pereira have uncovered a  major water leak on Council property in the Newell Beach area which has gone undetected  for 2 years costing  over $413K a year.  All during a time when severe  water restrictions  were being imposed and ever increasing and excessive water charges to ratepayers and there are believed to be more.   Karen and Chris believe Council were aware there was a problem  but it has only now recently been addressed as a direct result of Karen bringing this to Council’s attention.  This gross mismanagement of water resources  highlights the need for a major review of water management operations in the Council.   The new Council have given a commitment to build water infrastructure and the installment of  a Smart Meter system is a good first step.     We all thank Chris and Karen for their great work!   To hear more click on the link  

  • 14 Jul 2020 2:19 PM | Sylvia (Administrator)
    There are still some hurdles to overcome but with the support of MP and Local Member Warren Entsch and the Douglas Shire Council  a power grid may finally come to the Daintree. At a public meeting Chaired by the Daintree Renewable  Energy president Russell O’Doherty,  attendees heard a detailed report from  Volt Advisory Group project manager Richard Schoenemann on the findings of the first independent report on a power grid to the Daintree, funded by the Federal Government.   It is hoped that the State Government will get on board to support this important infrastructure for the region.   If all goes to plan, building could begin early next year and completed by 2022.To listen to the meeting click on the link below

  • 14 Jul 2020 2:13 PM | Sylvia (Administrator)

    Well known local Terry Maloney is lobbying for the Douglas Shire to become an RV friendly Shire with endorsement from the Campervan and Motor Home Club of Australia (CMCA).  Many regions who embraced this growing market and the revenue potential it attracts, are now reaping significant benefits with millions of $ being spent in local small businesses.The suggestion is to use under currently used areas of land like the Mossman Oval, Daintree Oval or land around the Mossman Golf Club.   “Very little infrastructure is needed because they are virtually self sufficient”   said Terry.  Council have been approached,  and more investigation is needed but positive new ideas is what we need to stimulate the Shire’s economy.   To hear from Maryborough & Bundaberg Councils that have embraced  the motorhome market.  Click on the links

  • 25 Jun 2020 3:09 PM | Anonymous

    The Douglas Shire Ratepayers Association (DSRA) has approached the Council to implement a Water Leakage Management Policy. It is inexplicable that the Douglas Shire Council does not have a policy on hidden and undetected water leaks leaving people with thousands of dollars in excess water bills and no opportunity to seek a reduction. It is common practice for Councils to have a Water Leakage Management Policy i.e. Mareeba, Cooktown, Cairns and Noosa all have policies in place (see links below). It is difficult to understand why the Douglas Shire does not have a policy, particularly with the number of burst pipes which appear be occurring. It has been suggested that the persistent and arguably excessive water restrictions imposed in recent times has cause the ground to dry out and pipes to crack.

    Correspondence was sent to the Mayor Michael Kerr and he advised that the council has been recently working on a water leakage management policy and he is expecting it to come to council for a resolution at either the next meeting or the July meeting. As this is a matter that has a direct impact on ratepayers, the DSRA has requested that external consultation occur in accordance with the DSC Corporate Goal of conducting council business in an open and transparent manner.

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