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27 Apr 2020 2:00 PM | Anonymous

On Dec 3rd 2019 the previous Council held a Closed meeting, on the premise that a contract was being discussed i.e. Contractual Matter S275 1 E Local Government Regulation 2012 - 2019-084 Daintree River Ferry Contract 2021. In fact, it appears that the primary purpose of the Closed Meeting was to make a decision on whether to have a bridge, two ferries or stay with one ferry. At that meeting it appears that a decision was made to proceed with the two-ferry option despite very little if any full disclosure of the facts in regard to cost/ benefit analysis or meaningful community consultation. The CEO (Mark Stoermer) was instructed to undertake contract negotiations for the two ferry option.

The Council went into “caretaker mode” before contract negotiations could be finalised. The new Mayor (Michael Kerr) is now seeking to give us a chance to have a say on this important decision by proposing that Council:-

Temporarily suspend contract negotiations for contract 2019 – 084 Daintree Ferry Contract 2021 while it:

  1. Explores the option of a bridge crossing at various locations and the possible economic benefits to the region;
  2. Conducts further community consultation including the bridge option and details of the costs of the two ferry solution provided for in the currently negotiated contract; and
  3. Brings the results of the community consultation back to an Ordinary Council Meeting (not a Closed Council meeting).

We welcome the opportunity to have a say on this important decision for Douglas Shire.

To read the Mayoral Minutes for more details, click on the link below

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Address - PO Box 969, Mossman  QLD 4877

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