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  • 2 Dec 2022 8:11 AM | Sylvia (Administrator)

    We wish to advise that the  Douglas Shire Ratepayers Association, Annual General Meeting was adjourned to:

    Date: Wednesday 7th Dec 2022

    Time: 4pm

    Venue: Palmer Sea Reef Golf Club

    All welcome.

  • 23 Oct 2022 11:34 AM | Sylvia (Administrator)

    The DSRA will be holding it's Annual General Meeting at 4pm, 30th November 2022 at the Palmer Sea Reef Golf Club.  For a copy of the Agenda click here  DSRA 2022 AGM Agenda.pdf   This year has been a quiet year for the DSRA.  Our volunteer Committee have all been busy post Covid getting their own lives back to normal and have had some time out to take a collective breath.   In the lead up to the March 2024 Council election we are very keen to see some "new blood" join our committee with different ideas and energy to continue the important function of the Ratepayers Association.   The DSRA is your only collective ratepayer voice that can influence decisions made by Council and hold Council accountable for actions taken.   If you have some time to contribute, please submit your nomination for a position on the Committee (click here) DSRA Committee Nomination Form 2022.pdf   We look forward to seeing you there!

  • 24 Nov 2021 8:52 AM | Sylvia (Administrator)

    Councillor Peter McKeown is working to ensure the Shire taps into the economic benefits linked to the RV market.  But, Council jumping into buying land for an RV Park may be too soon or not necessary at all.  Here are some alternative actions that perhaps could be looked at in the first instance:-

    1) The well funded TPDD, and 2 DSC Tourism & Economic Development positions, could spend some of their time turning around the apparent (arguably unfounded) perception that the Douglas Shire is not RV Friendly, with a targeted marketing plan. 

    2)  The DSC manage a register of all RV vacancies in our existing Caravan Parks and place the register on the DSC website and other key RV Tourism websites.

    3) The DSC call for expressions of interest from land owners in the Shire who may be interested in running an RV "homestay" business and assist them in their endeavours…”supporting small business” .

    There is no evidence to show at this time that there is a shortage of RV parking areas in the Shire. However if / when there is,  perhaps then other steps could be looked at. 

    What do you think? Councillor McKeown is taking a lead on this, let him know your ideas (E:

  • 16 Nov 2021 6:05 AM | Sylvia (Administrator)

    Council has just advised that they agree with the DSRA (and most of the community and visitors to the area), that Rex Smeal Park needs irrigation!  Council will now proceed to determine the best irrigation options for both Rex Smeal Park and Market Park.    The infrastructure costs  will be to some extent mitigated by no longer needing to bring in watering trucks every weekend to hose down the dust  prior to the Sunday Markets.   A bit slow in coming but welcome news….thank you Douglas Shire Council!

  • 20 Sep 2021 5:11 PM | Sylvia (Administrator)

    Council conducted a survey to gauge community support for the creation of an RV Friendly parking area, but did they inform the community of the possible cost? The original proposal was to utilise existing Council infrastructure, requiring minimal modification i.e. the Mossman Show Grounds or land adjacent to the Newell Beach Golf Course, not spend unbudgeted funds to buy more Council land.  No decision has been made yet but if we are all being told to tighten our belts is it unreasonable to expect that Council do the same? What do you think?

  • 12 Aug 2021 5:48 PM | Sylvia (Administrator)

    The Council has release plans for a “green ant” themed playground under the old fig tree in Rex Smeal Park.  Community consultation closes on the 27th August,  have your say by sending an email to  To see the concept plan click on the following link   

  • 14 Jul 2021 11:57 AM | Sylvia (Administrator)

    The DSRA has since it’s inception lobbied council to undertake a review of the General Rates Category system.   There were major inequities in the system, particularly in what was Category 8 – apartments and units.   A big tick to Council for doing the review BUT there has been NO CONSULTATION on what is arguably one of the most important issues for ratepayers particularly when rates have increased AGAIN by 2.8%  (CPI 1.1%).   An example of anything but “consultation and transparency”,  two words we hear Councillors  continually voice their commitment to but we certainly haven’t seen on this important issue.    Did they get it right?  Let us know your thoughts.

  • 24 Jun 2021 7:32 PM | Sylvia (Administrator)

    The DSRA will be holding it's Annual General Meeting at 4pm, 15th July 2021 at the Palmer Sea Reef Golf Club.  For a copy of the Agenda click here DSRA 2021 AGM Agenda.pdf   Updates to the Constitution are proposed.  To view the proposed amended Constitution, go to "About Us / Constitution".   If you would like to nominate for a position on the Committee please complete the nomination form (click here) DSRA Committee Nomination Form.pdf and email to by the Thursday 8th July 2021.    We look forward to seeing you there!

  • 3 May 2021 10:14 AM | Sylvia (Administrator)

    It is no secret that the Douglas Shire is in dire need of major infrastructure development in the area of water and waste management, not just to keep up with current demands, but future requirements.   This will place a huge cost burden on current ratepayers if not appropriately managed by Council.  At the Ordinary Council meeting held on the 30th March,  Councillors unanimously voted in favour of a Debt General Policy which stated  “At this stage, Council’s 10-year financial forecast does not include any planned borrowings…”.  How then is this Council going to ensure that there is an equitable distribution of the cost burden for infrastructure development? Today’s ratepayers should not bare the full burden of cost for assets that future ratepayers will benefit from.   Queensland Treasury Corporation offers a rolling debt fund for this very purpose and to ensure Councils keep infrastructure up to date without unrealistic pressure on ratepayers. 

    In the lead up to the Council election, the previous Council proudly reported the very low  debt rate in Council.  The cost of this has been persistent and disproportionate increases in rates and charges in this Shire.   The current Council seems to be taking the same approach.  

    Will ratepayers be facing more unnecessary rates and charges increases in the Shire?  We will watch with interest.

  • 3 May 2021 10:11 AM | Sylvia (Administrator)

    Many believe that the beautiful Rosewood trees on Warner Street died because the tree roots were destroyed when Council conducted their “targeted operational work”, not the result of poisoning.   We look forward to seeing the detailed report from the independent arborist.  Council have now decided to reconsider the removal of the trees as signs of life have now been shown.

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